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About IITian’s Academy


IITian’s Academy is a name synonymous for Quality education in Engineering and moulding the engineering students to crack competitive examinations like GATE, IES/ESE, MPSC Engineering Services & PSU’s. Almost a decade, IITian’s  academy has lived upto the expectations of the candidates by imparting quality education to students with perfect blend of experienced, young and dynamic faculty along with motivated students making it a win-win situation for all.


IItian’s Academy was established in the year 2011 with the prime motto of imparting quality education. Mr. Pundlik Adsul, IIT Alumnus and the best educator, in 2011, felt the need of providing right direction to the GATE, MPSC, IES aspirants with minimum affordable fees.  With just a handful of students in 2011, the academy has grown by leaps and bounds due to the overwhelming response of numerous successful candidates. With his dedication and positive attitude, IITian’s Academy has produced wonderful results each year which challenged themselves to produce even better results.


“Make your Vision so clear that your fears become Irrelevant”

 There is no substitute for all the hard work that you alone must put in. What we do have is the knowledge, expertise and the right classroom culture. Our knowledge will tell you how to channelize your efforts and how to focus your attention so that you are able to achieve maximum in minimum time. IITian,s Academy ensures that each and every session is conducted with utmost care, and every student who attends the classes learns the complete module with all possible techniques. The sole objective of each session is to extract the best out of students. The students also feel content about what they have learnt to perform better in GATE, IES/ESE, MPSC Engineering Services and other exams.

About Director

Profile & About Director

IITians Academy, Pune is well known Academy and an ultimate destination of your success in engineering MPSC and GATE

THE IITIANS ACADEMY, PUNE is founded by alumni of IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) with the vision of making a substantial difference to the society through the field of education. For the first time in Maharashtra, MPSC coaching is being provided by former IES and MPSC toppers. The aim is simple – to help budding engineers realize their ambitions

Mr. Pundlik Adsul, is a IIT Alumnus from the prestigious IIT Roorkee and a  renowned educationist. After completing B.Tech (Civil Engineering) in 2009, Mr. Adsul qualified GATE and Public sector examinations. Achieving excellent rank through GATE, Mr. Adsul opted for M.Tech in Structural Engineering at IIT Roorkee. After completing Masters, in 2011, Mr. Adsul began with the aim to help students preparing for GATE,IES/ESE, MPSC Engineering services and other competitive exams. His dedication and commitment laid the foundation of Maharashtra’s best institute for Civil and Mechanical Engineering Students – IITian’s Academy.

The institute is now training more than 1500 students at Pune Centre for various courses of GATE, IES, MPSC and RTO AMVI. Apart from his love for studies and students, he also loves listening music and singing, Playing music instruments, Movie script writing and playing various indoor outdoor games.

Director’s Message

Arise!   Awake! &  Stop not until the goal is reached.

.Swami Vivekananda

I welcome all of you to IITian’s Academy, Pune and wish success to each one of you. I am pleased and feel privileged to meet the new and fresh talent of the country. I welcome every engineering aspirant of IES, GATE, MPSC Engineering Services and PSU, into the great world of IITian’s Academy. And though I would sincerely hope that all of you make it to your respective goals in life that you’ve set your minds upon, what I mean by ‘success’ is something altogether different. For me, Success means growth inside out. You are the architect of your own destiny. For me Purity, patience and perseverance are the three essentials to Success and above all, love. So my only advice to all of you is this, be it GATE, IES, MPSC or any other competitive examination or any other endeavor in life for that matter, keep a positive healthy mindset throughout your journey. There will be times when life will challenge you, there will be struggle but remember one thing – Spare no effort, work hard and live up to your potential. Whatever follows will always be for the best. That, according to me, is the simple calculus of Karma because I believe –

“All the Hard work, All the Sacrifices you made,

All the Sleepless nights,

Struggles and Downfalls – Everything pays off ”